Bastiaan “Bart” M. Drees

Title: Professor; Extension Entomologist; Regents Fellow


  • B.A. (Biology), West Virginia University, Morgantown, 1974
  • M.S. (Entomology), West Virginia University, Morgantown, 1976
  • Ph.D. (Entomology), Ohio State University, Columbus, 1980

Program Description:

Presents educational programs to promote the adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in agricultural production systems and urban environments. Specifically has state-wide responsibility to conduct and coordinate Extension programs relating to the management of arthropods of urban landscapes, including the red imported fire ant. Produces educational tools to support Extension Entomology Project Group and County Extension Agents. Conducts applied research to develop and demonstrate deliverable technologies to improve current fire ant management programs for agricultural cropping systems and urban areas. Provides administrative and technical supervision for an personnel involved in conducting applied research for assessing products and methods for managing the red imported fire ant. Continues to participate in professional societies.

See complete resume here. [PDF]

Significant Recent Publications:

Books, Book Chapters

Drees, B. M. 2004. Red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), pp. 1869-1874 (Vol. 3, P – Z) in Encyclopedia of Entomology (J. L. Capinera, ed.). Kluwer, The Netherlands. 2400 pp.

Drees, B. M., and J. A. Jackman. 1998. A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects. Gulf Publishers, Houston, Texas. 359 pp.

Goodwin, J. T., and B. M. Drees. 1996. The horse and deer flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) of Texas. Southwestern Entomologist Supplement No. 20,. 140 pp.

Drees, B. M. 1992. Pest Management Alternatives for Commercial Ornamental Plants. Texas Association of Nurserymen. Austin, Texas. 140 pp.

Refereed Scientific Journal Articles

Pedersen, E. K., T. L. Bedford, W. E. Grant, S. B. Vinson, J. B. Martin, M. T. Longnecker, C. L. Barr and B. M. Drees. 2003. Effect of red imported fire ant on habitat use by hispid cotton rats (Sigmodon hispidus) and northern pygmy mice (Baiomys taylori). Southwestern Naturalist 48(3):419-426.

Drees, B. M., and R. E. Gold. 2003. Development of integrated pest management programs for the red imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). J. Entomol. Sci. 38(2):170-180.

Drees, B. M., and R. E. Frisbie. 2002. Overview of the Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Project (B. M. Drees, ed.). Southwestern Entomologist Supplement No. 25:1-6.

Riggs, N. L., L. Lennon, C. L. Barr, B. M. Drees, S. Cummings, and C. Lard. 2002. Community-wide red imported fire ant programs in Texas  (B. M. Drees, ed.). Southwestern Entomologist Supplement No. 25:31-42.

Drees, B. M. 2002. A new technique for laboratory assessment of red imported fire ant mound drench treatments. Southwestern Entomologist 27(2):177-183.

Extension Publications

Drees, B. M., S. B.  Vinson, R. E Gold, M. E. Merchant, E. Brown, K. Engler, M. Keck, P. Nester, D. Kostroun, K. Flanders, F. Graham, D. Pollet, L. Hooper-Bui, P. Beckley, T. Davis, O. M. Horton, W. Gardner, K. Loftin, K. Vail, R. Wright, W. Smith, D. C. Thompson, J. Kabashima, B. Layton, P. Koehler, D. Oi, A-M. Callcott. 2006.Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas, a Regional Publication Developed for: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, B-6043. Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 22 pp.

Merchant, M., and B. M. Drees. 2000, revised 2002, 2006. The Texas two-Step method: Do-it-yourself fire ant control for homes and neighborhoods. L-5070 (revised). Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. Leaflet.

Drees, B. M. 2005. Managing household ant pests. B-6183. Texas Cooperative Extension, College Station, Texas. 13 pp.

Barr, C. L., T. Davis, K. Flanders, W. Smith, L. Hooper-Bui, P. Koehler, K. Vail, W. Gardener, B. M. Drees, T. Fuchs. 2005. Broadcast baits for fire ant control. B-6099, Texas Cooperative Extension, College Station, TX. 10 pp.

Flanders, K. L. And B. M. Drees. 2004. Management of imported fire ants in cattle production systems. ANR-1248. Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn, AL. 8 pp.

Drees, B.M., J. A. Reinert and M. L. Williams. 2006. Florida wax scales: Control measures in Texas for hollies. L-5479. Texas Cooperative Extension, The Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 6 pp.

Trade Publications

Drees, B. M. and S. Ludwig. 2005. Florida wax scale – a serious landscape pest on hollies. TNLA Green 7(10): 12. Drees, B. M. 2005. New directions in imported fire ant control. Landscape Management 6(44):40-48.

Drees, B. M. 2003. Fighting fire ants. Grounds Maintenance 38(2):14-21.

Drees, B. M. 2006. Fall time for fire ants. Lawn Care Professional. GEI Media, Cleveland, OH. Fall issue, pp. 21-23.

Reinert, J. A. And B. M. Drees. 2006. Mole crickets damage to turfgrass in Texas. Texas Turfgrass 58(3):6-13.

Miscellaneous Publications

Drees, B. M. And C. F. Lard. 2006. Imported fire ant: Economic impacts justifying integrated pest management programs in Proceedings, XV Congress International Union for the Study of Social Insects, July 30 – Aug. 5, Washington, D. C., P. 114-115.

Drees, B. M., B. Summerlin, P. Nester, E. Brown and M. Heimer. 2005. Utility boxes and pasturelands: Imported fire ant management product assessments for Arinix® and Esteem®. in Proceedings of the Red Imported Fire Ant Conference (R. Weeds, A. Callcott, S. James, D. J. Meloche, and M. Collins, eds.), Gulfport, MS, March 22-24. p. 33-36.

Flanders, K. And B. M. Drees. 2006. Extension: Taking the sting out of fire ants, p. 74. in Conference Proceedings (L. C. “Fudd” Graham, ed.), Annual Red Imported Fire Ant Conference, March 28-30, 2006, Mobile, AL. 153 pages. (

Honors and Awards

2006 ARS Technology Transfer Award for superior efforts by the “Area-Wide Suppression of Fire Ant Populations in Pastures” Team – Richard Brenner, Anne-Marie Callcott, Bastiaan Drees, Robert M. Faust, Paul Horton, Phil Koehler, Curtis Lard, David Oi, Roberto Pereira, Sanford Porter, Doug Streett, Steven Valles, Robert Vander Meer, David Williams, and Russell Wright, South Atlantic Area

2006 Honorable Mention for Excellence in Technology Transfer, Federal Laboratory Concortium (FLC) USDA Agricultural Research Service, South Atlantic Area for “Area-wide Integrated Management of Invasive Fire Ants”

Integrated Pest Management Team Award sponsored by Dow AgroSciences® and presented by the Entomological Foundation of the Entomological Society of America – 2003

Orkin® Award for Research Excellence, 2001.

Texas Reference Source Award, Texas Library Association, 2001.Â

Regents Fellow Service Award in Extension from the A&M System’s Board of Regents, September 23, 1999

Annual Achievement Award, Texas & Southwest Greenhouse Growers’ Conference, The Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1998.

Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension, Entomological Society of America, 1997.

Award for Superior Service, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1996.

The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension, 1996.

Distinguished Achievement Award in Continuing Education/Extension, 1996.

Vice Chancellor’s Award in Excellence, 1995.

National and International Recognition:

Recognition of Dr. Drees as a national and international authority in imported fire ant management has been demonstrated by his involvement in the Science Advisory Panels for fire ant eradication programs conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (2000 to present), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in New Zealand (2001), the Department of Primary Industries in Queensland, Australia (2001 to present) and the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan (2004).

In March 1999, Drees also accepted an invitation by Representative W. D. “Billy” Witherspoon, Chairman of the Southern Legislative Conference’s (SLC) Agriculture and Rural Development Committee to be a member on the National Fire Ant Task Force. He was recognized for contributions made to the Pacific Ant Prevention Plan (Pacific Invasive Ant Group of The World Conservation Union’s Invasive Species Specialist Group).

Information developed by Drees has been used extensively by these agencies in the development of their web sites, outreach education program materials and operating procedures (see Fire Ant Plan Fact Sheet, Drees et al. 2000). Participated in the First International Symposium of the Red Imported Fire Ant in Mexico, La Universitad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro in Saltillo, MX, Sept. 6-9, 2005.

In 2007, Drees traveled to red imported fire ant infested parts of China at the request of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


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