Fire Ants Results Demonstrations

A fire ant mound in turfgrass near a sidewalk

A fire ant mound in turfgrass. Photo by Bart Drees.

The Urban Integrated Pest Management Program of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service supported by the Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Plan of  Texas AgriLife Research provides research-based information and education for citizens in urban areas.

Technical support for the Urban IPM Program is provided by Extension specialists from many disciplines (agronomy, horticulture, plant pathology, entomology, family and consumer science, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics) and Extension personnel at the statewide, district and county levels. Urban IPM Program Specialists work with homeowners and others who live in an urban environment to develop integrated pest management techniques to control pests found in and around structures.

Texas AgriLife Extension Service Urban Integrated Pest Management program includes four professionals who serve major metropolitan areas:

These urban areas make up the greater Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio areas and include counties outside of the major cities. The specialists, support staff and graduate students who support the Urban IPM program are integral to its success. Integrated pest management in these areas is largely based on urban pests such as household, ornamental, garden, and turf pests.

2007 Urban IPM Results Demonstrations

2006 Urban IPM Results Demonstrations

2005 Urban IPM Results Demonstrations

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